About us


Perxpectiv objective is to provide amazing experiences for travelers all around the world who want to know more about historical landmarks only by using their mobile phones. Just turn it on and point it at the landmark you want and see history unveiling itself right in front of your eyes.

Perxpectiv is being developed by innovative people from Sinnova company from Belgium. It’s own name screams innovation (Service Innovation). People at Sinnova have a unique approach combining well-renowned methodologies based on Design Thinking and Agile processes  to deliver innovative solutions.

Eli Ariane, Tai and many more are giving hours of sweat, drank liters and liters of coffee, investigated and learned A LOT about history of world countries and their heritage to bring you the ultimate AR experience – Perxpectiv.

Their vision is to enhance the overall experience of the visitors, creating a healthy coexistence between visitors and citizens, boost the economy and enable public administrations to better plan and supply services to the
population and visitors alike. This is what we call ‘smart tourism’.

Eli Garcia


Eli Garcia is the founder of Sinnova. He is a Service management & service design consultant.

Overall, Eli has more than 13 years of experience in business innovation driven by technology. He has worked in the sectors of telecom, banking, supply chain management and the public sectors. He has performed several roles as interim long-term assignments, consultancy short-terms projects, deliver training, offering workshops and conferences in Europe and the Americas.